Diamond Wire Sawing

Wire saws were first developed in the stone quarry industry, and diamond wire saws have been used in concrete demolition work to cut reinforced concrete since the early 1980s.

This unique saw uses a multi-strand, continuous-loop wire with diamond beads to cut through any concrete structure. This phenomenal tool is ideal for making straight or architectural cuts.

Diamond wire saws are more efficient than circular saws and are able to cut concrete of almost any thickness. This makes them very useful for thick concrete structures. In addition, they create little dust, noise, and vibration; making them ideal for demolition work within inhabited structures.

Diamond wire sawing is a quick, versatile, and clean method of cutting. It is capable of cutting a variety of sizes and shapes of openings; including cuts for round holes, pump bases, free standing columns, or entire structures. Wire sawing can handle the largest of projects.

Gordy in a hole we sawed

Typical Applications Include:

Machine Bases
Concrete Pipe
Difficult cuts in remote or restricted locations
Virtually unlimited concrete thickness
Large, bulk removal