Floor Cutting

Slab sawing is a quick, safe, and an effective method in cutting concrete floors, roadways of all types including asphalt pavement. It eliminaFloor sawing - Fire Departmenttes jack-hammering and greatly reduces dust for easy removal and clean-up. This includes cuts for curb removal, street widening, concrete floor trenching, and slab repair. Slab sawing produces straight and clean edges.

Concrete Cutters, Inc. is equipped to handle both asphalt & concrete surfaces.

Typical applications include:

Cutting Reinforced Concrete Floors
Cutting Expansion & Control Joints
Concrete Floor TrenchingFloor cutting Commercial
Cutting Spancrete Panels
Cutting depths up to 24″ thick
Cutting in a Controlled Environment
Municipality Sawing
Highway Sawing
Flush cutting between walls & floors


•3 Phase Electric Sawing Equipment

•Hydraulic Sawing Equipment

•Diesel Walk Saws